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The benefits and harms of dogwood

The fruits of dogwood - red berries with a pleasant toning sweet and sour taste. They are used not only among chefs for making jam, jam, compotes, jellies, but also in folk medicine for the prevention and many other ailments. Kizil, the benefits and harms of berries for several decades are the subject of a dietitian. Useful makeup Useful dogwood dogwood and medicinal properties due to the presence in its composition of essential vitamins, elements and other substances. Berries are rich in vitamin C, a total of 180 g of dogwood meet the needs of the human body ascorbic acid per day; vitamin PP, promotes normal growth of tissues, reduces the level of harmful cholesterol, which protects the body against cardiovascular disease, improves the functioning of the nervous system; iron needed to increase hemoglobin levels in the blood; daily rate of this element is contained in 250 g of dogwood fruits; potassium, improves the intestines, kidneys, heart, normalizes blood pressure, struggling with edema, enhances mental activity; calcium, maintain healthy teeth and bones, coordinating heartbeat, participating in the process of blood clotting; 

Berries are low in calories (40.2 calories per 100 g), activate the metabolism, prevent fat storage, so successfully included in the menu in the control of unwanted kilograms. Fresh juice from the pulp of dogwood is recommended to take diabetes. Effectively its regular use in violation of the thyroid gland works. When vitamin deficiency, as well as in the period of colds useful to drink fruit drinks made from fresh dogwood. Dogwood successfully applied in cosmetology. Home remedies with the addition of berries perfectly cared for oily skin, removing unhealthy shine, narrowing the pores, curing acne and pimples. Masks with dogwood hair can get rid of oily dandruff, odor from the skin of the head, confusion and tarnish strands. Use dried fruits dried Dogwood long time preserves all the useful elements in its composition. This product is particularly appreciated in the winter, when many fresh fruits not commercially available. It is best to zasushivat dogwood own. After the heat and chemical treatment which are berries under production conditions, they lose a significant amount of minerals and ascorbic acid. Dried berries have a sweet taste than fresh, so they can offer the children a useful goodies. Dried dogwood can be used separately or used for cooking. Compotes, jellies and teas from it, are useful because they increase appetite; tone up the body; relieve inflammation in the stomach and intestines; output from the toxins of tissues and organs; enhance the immune system; saturate the body with ascorbic acid. The dogwood is harmful? A large number of dogwood can harm the body, causing bloating and diarrhea. Receiving immoderate fruits, moreover, can lead to supersaturation of vitamin C, which may exacerbate disease during the digestive organs and the kidneys. Eating berries are contraindicated for people suffering from gastritis with high acidity, duodenitis, constipation, stomach ulcer, as well as the manifestation of allergic reactions. Due to the ability of dogwood berry excite the nervous system, and dishes are not recommended to eat before going to bed, and in the presence of insomnia. For the same reason you can not feast on dogwood with the threat of miscarriage and increased tone of the uterus during pregnancy. Before use, the fruit should be washed thoroughly, otherwise easy to intestinal infections.