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The benefits and harms of watermelon

The fruit of watermelon - a melon, berry and not as many mistakenly believe. This applies to melons Pumpkin - a family in which there are about six hundred species. Watermelon, benefit and harm is being actively discussed in the magazines about healthy food on our table and a frequent guest favorite. Perhaps we should get to know him better, to avoid unpleasant encounters and learn only one benefit from using. History Homeland of watermelon - South Africa. It lived its wild ancestor "tsamma melon." It is now grows in the Kalahari Desert Bushmen satisfying thirst. But the cultivation of watermelons were engaged in ancient Egypt before AD. Melon is often left in the tombs of the pharaohs to those in their afterlife regaled fruit. There was even a myth that watermelon - a derivative of the male seed of Seth God.

 A medical papyri in ancient Greek culture was mentioned in connection with its medicinal properties. The benefits (and harms) of watermelon was known to the ancient Romans, who salted fruit, cooked on the basis of its honey. Later, in the X century, with melon met China, which called it a "melon of the West." In honor of her arranged "watermelon festivals." Culture attached great medicinal value cleansing nature. And today China is the number one country for the cultivation of plants, not Uzbekistan or the Crimea. On the territory of Russia at the turn of watermelon hit XIII-XIV centuries. It was brought to us Tatars. The most favorable region for commercial cultivation - is the Volga region. For the full ripening is necessary for a long and hot summers. Often, adverse weather conditions and the race for profits rise to the appearance on the market of low-quality goods. The benefits of watermelon, benefit and harm to health which are more dependent on growing conditions, is not only a delicious fruit. Quality watermelon - is a treasure trove of health. Why? All the matter in its unique composition. Besides water melon contains a complex of vitamins, minerals and other active (and useful!) Components. Antioxidants contained in melon, help to strengthen the immune system, fight free radicals, resist the development of cancer. Magnesium - an essential element of muscle tissue, the nerve fibers. With increased excitability and chronic stress therapists often prescribe magnesium-containing drugs. And you can eat a piece of juicy pulp instead of receiving the synthetic pills! The main benefit (and harm) of watermelon - is its diuretic properties. Excess water - this extra weight, and swelling, and a general feeling of being gravity. Watermelon brings water, toxins, prevents the formation of salts. It not so long ago was found a curious substance that is found in the flesh - citrulline. In the course of metabolic reactions in the body it is converted to arginine, which dilates blood vessels and has a mild stimulating effect. A piece of watermelon - not Viagra, but contribute to the relaxation and to create the desired mood quite a can. Flesh melon - it is also pectins, and calcium, and folic acid, and ascorbic. There it phosphorus, iron, carotene, riboflavin. In seeds contain fatty oil, in which - linoleic and linolenic acid. The oil quality and properties similar to almond, and taste is not inferior to the olive.