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The benefits and harms of Grapes

Grapes is a unique product of nature, it possesses the most valuable qualities that care about human health. It is proved by numerous scientific studies that grapes favorable effect not only on health but also on his mood. Since ancient times, known people Grapes, benefits and product damage used by the ancient Greeks for the treatment of diseases associated with the depletion of the body, and impotence. In this modern useful qualities useful berries revealed completely, and now delicious berry is used and as a delicious dessert, and as an adjunct in the treatment of a wide variety of diseases. Grapes in the modern world of sweet berries known to the world since ancient times. Red and black grapes used to make the body strength and energy. In today's world the use of grapes is more diverse, it is used with great success in cosmetics, medicine, wine, cooking. 

Cosmetic values berries are unique. Modern fashion brands added to their cosmetic components based on grape seed. Such a component is attached to the skin of the face and elasticity, radiance, youthfulness. The countries of Europe and South America, is famous for its vineyards. Wine on the basis of a variety of grapes is a leader in the global market. Apart from the fact that the wine has beneficial properties for the body (if you use it in the recommended servings), it still brings a good income to their producers. In medicine, the grapes used, the product helps to improve and strengthen the internal system of the body. It is proved that it is a sweet berry helps a person to fight fatigue and moral apathy. In addition, grapes are an excellent preventive product that can reliably withstand many diseases. Useful properties of grapes used in cooking. On the basis of sweet berries cook delicious and nutritious fruit drinks, flavored desserts. Many cooks add dried grapes during the second dishes to give a delicious taste and unique aroma. Good quality Many studies have shown that grapes are a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals. The chemical composition of grapes contains: Vitamins - PP, all subgroup B, and C. The complete set of fortified compounds nourishes the body and nourishes it useful components that support the operation in the normal state of all internal systems; Mineral components - zinc, copper, phosphorus, silicon, sodium, iron. Minerals beneficial effect on the general state of all internal organs; Folic acid - an essential component for the normal function of hematopoiesis; Useful amino acids are actively involved in metabolic processes, adjusting the work of the body for a positive way; Beta-carotene - a major component of normalizing vision and opposes the activation of certain eye diseases. It is important to know that almost every part of the sweet berries (from the bone to the skin) just full of the most valuable substances. When regularly eating grapes is included, the benefit of this berry is in the following aspects: the pulp of grapes is involved in normalizing and improving the work of the circulatory system; grape juice has energetic qualities, it gives the body an additional charge of power, vitality and energy; regular consumption of sweet berries contributes actively to strengthen the immune system; pulp of grapes is able to recover and improve the efficiency of the brain, so the product is useful to include in the diet of those who are constantly engaged in hard mental labor; if every day to drink a glass of freshly squeezed grape juice, it makes up for in the body daily requirement for vitamins in all subgroups; grape juice has a unique feature that allows the body to accumulate the stock obtained from fortified foods and minerals; special favor bears grapes for people who are prone to gastrointestinal disorders with decreased secretion of the stomach; Grape juice has anti-inflammatory properties, so it is sure to include in the daily diet of people suffering from respiratory diseases. The product possesses expectorant and antimicrobial properties, so even doctors advise to use it during the activity of pneumonia, pleurisy, bronchitis, asthma; sweet berry is known for its purifying and antitoxic properties, it is useful in the diet of people with disorders of the liver and kidneys; the ability of the pulp of grapes to eliminate digestive problems are widely used in folk medicine. The product is used in the treatment of constipation, indigestion, poisoning; grapes useful to include in the diet as a preventive product against cancer; grapes bears a special value in eliminating migraine, chronic nervous disorders, depression, groundless fears; in cosmetics is widely used oil from grape seeds. The product is used as an integral part in the starting lineup for the face and body creams and ointments. Grape seed oil has a moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, regenerating and restoring properties. In use a useful product is important to consider that a calorie grape sufficiently small, only about 65 kcal per 100 grams of fresh product. But due to the fact that the berry has excellent flavor, it can be consumed in fairly large quantities, which greatly enhance the flow of incoming caloric energy.