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The benefits and harms of Kalina

Kalina grows in temperate latitudes. It is an undemanding shrub that bears fruit in the summer. The taste sour and bitter. They are rarely eaten raw as a delicacy. But in folk medicine is widely used teas and tinctures of the berries. What it has miraculous properties Kalina?

Properties of cranberries

Kalina is a storehouse of vitamin C. And it is known to be essential for strengthening the immune system and fight off viruses and colds. Also vitamin C helps in the fight against periodontitis and bleeding gums.

Kalina is replete with vitamins A, K, E, R, C, and iron, zinc and manganese. Also it is composed of tannic and resinous substances, pectin, saccharides and organic acids.

The use of viburnum

Kalina heals stomach ulcers, relieves colds, reduces blood pressure. And applying a paste of berries to problem areas of skin, can get rid of pimples and acne.

Cranberry juice cleanse the body is intoxicated. It is also used as prophylaxis of malignant tumors.

Leaves, bark and berries of viburnum saturated with nutrients. A decoction of the leaves has a positive effect on the skin.

This miraculous berry prevents the formation of tumors, atherosclerosis, is antiseptic, sedative, choleretic, antispasmodic, immunostimulatory, sosudoukreplyayuschim, hematopoietic agent.

There are practically no situations where Kalina is completely useless.

The use of viburnum

A decoction of the leaves treat acne and boils. On the festering wounds, apply a bandage, soaked with broth, and leave for the night. After the procedure the inflammation subsides, and the pus comes from the wound.

Infusion of bark to treat periodontal disease. Daily rinse in the morning and evening repairs damaged gums and strengthens them.

If the person in the stomach there is a small bleeding, a decoction is taken orally before meals. This drink also has a soothing effect. This ability viburnum helps cope with headache. Well infusion helps in painful menstruation.

Pureed berries with water, tone up, relieve fatigue, relieve nervousness. Kalina helps to cope with insomnia, of course, with a long reception.

Diaphoretic and diuretic properties of the drink of viburnum make it invaluable for colds and diseases accompanied by fever. The ability of viburnum to withdraw fluid from the body is used by high blood pressure. The action of certain drugs, reducing blood pressure, based on their mochegonno effect. But why take pills from the pharmacy, if you have natural?

Kalina helps to cope with cough, namely, has expectorant effect, helps to remove phlegm from the respiratory tract.

On the basis of viburnum are created cosmetics, for example, hand cream, shampoos and hair conditioners.

Harm viburnum

Because of the content in Kalina substances which are analogues of female hormones, it is not recommended to pregnant women because of the risk of possible deviations in the fetus.

As Kalina lowers blood pressure, it must be carefully eating for those who have a pressure is low, to avoid headaches, drowsiness and reduced performance.

Even healthy people should not eat more than one tablespoon of cranberries and drink more than one glass of snowball drink.

Suffering from chronic kidney disease is limited in many respects it concerns and viburnum. Also can negatively affect the condition of those who have increased the acidity of gastric juice. People with a diagnosis of ulcer or gastritis should refrain from such treats.

Leukemia and thrombophlebitis are a contraindication to the use of viburnum. In the case of high blood coagulability and a tendency to form blood clots Kalina can be harmful.

In the notebook of every housewife there are prescription from a cold, sore throat or cough, which Kalina. Good to know that this berry helps in many situations. No wonder she sang the poets and the people from the people. Kalina bitter taste, but extremely rich in wonderful substances that help you stay healthy.