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The benefits and harms of shadberry

The Irga is considered to be a berry, but from the point of view of science its fruits – apples. Country where appreciated this shrub is Canada. The Saskatoon is grown there in all regions, and its lion's share goes on the production of wine.

The game is considered to be the shrub, the value of which is to harvest. But a flowering plant in the spring adorns the garden with its small white flowers. Keen gardeners planted the Irga and for decorative purposes.

Properties Saskatoon

Surprisingly, the Irga is not very common among gardeners. Perhaps this is due to the fact that not everyone knows how useful this berry.

For now just care. It is unpretentious, can withstand severe frosts. During flowering without consequences maintains temperature up to minus 7 degrees. Saskatoon grows on a variety of soils. The only thing required bushes of amelanchier sunshine.

Irga has a pleasant taste and has many beneficial properties. In the composition of the berries have carotene and pectin as well as vitamin C, fiber and other substances.

The use of Irga

Due to the high content of vitamin C Irga is an antioxidant that helps fight virus and colds.

Carotene, which is famous for Saskatoon, reduces exposure to carcinogens. It is known that foods containing carotene in a large amount, such as carrots, rose hips, Saskatoon, beneficial to eyesight.

Benefits strengthen the gastrointestinal and cardiovascular system. In case of poisoning Irga helps to cope with diarrhea and reduces inflammation of the intestine.

The berries have a calming effect. Moods of them is used for stress, nervous disorders and insomnia.

Vitamins and minerals to be found not only in fruits of amelanchier, but also leaves, bark and flowers. For example, iodine and iron, which are enclosed in the leaves requires children and pregnant women in even greater numbers than adult.

The use of Irga

Saskatoon is a very tasty berry. Its unusual taste is not boring and goes well with other fruits and berries. Therefore, among fans of the blanks of popular jams, compotes with the addition of Irga. It is best to consume it raw. So the plethora of vitamins will go into the body and metabolized completely.

In addition to food purposes, the Irga used in medical.

In a stressful period is recommended irgu raw or drink its decoction. Especially useful to use this fruit as food in the spring, when the body suffers from vitamin deficiencies, weakened from colds and are prone to infections. This is due to the presence in Saskatoon of vitamin C, folic acid, thiamin and Riboflavin.

Vitamin C besides strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

Carotene improves eyesight, reduces the risk of cataracts, cures night blindness and conjunctivitis. Reduces the degree of inflammation cataract.

In disorders of the gastrointestinal tract is recommended decoction of berries. To make such an appointment can only be a doctor, based on the tests.

In folk medicine, often use all parts of the shrub. Often – diarrhea. Also rinse the mouth with angina and stomatitis.

High blood pressure make a tincture of the flowers of amelanchier – she has the ability to relieve the pressure.

The dangers of Saskatoon

There is a possibility of individual negative reactions to substances contained in the game.

Irga is contraindicated in those with low blood pressure. The use of settings or fresh berries of amelanchier may reduce pressure, fainting, dizziness.

If you eat a lot of Irga or to drink on its basis, characteristics, attention will deteriorate. This may affect the ability to drive a car, operate dangerous machinery, or perform complex mental operations.

After drinking the decoction from the berries, expect indigestion. This is the result of the interaction of milk and tannins.

It is best to grow the game on its own plot, away from the tracks and places where concentrated emissions, as the fruit is accumulate salts of heavy metals and other harmful substances.

Bright dark blue color of berries should alert people with allergies. Irga can cause discomfort: sneezing, coughing, watery eyes.

Children are especially vulnerable to allergies, so them, exactly like pregnant women, should be strictly dosed quantity eaten, and to enter into the diet gradually.

Today, cosmetologists also opened the use of mespilus in the industry. In stores there are creams with the addition of the substances contained in the fruit.

Irga delicious and healthy, and a small number of contraindications makes her even more attractive. A Bush planted in the country, will provide berries for the whole year and will give health.