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The benefits and harms of josta

Useful properties of a Large amount of vitamin C is good for immunity. Because of this berry is useful for the treatment and prevention of colds. Helps to restore the hemoglobin under the condition of complex treatment of anemia in combination with other means. Normalizes the work of gastrointestinal tract. The use of yoshta many gardeners allows you to get rid of diarrhea and other stomach disorders. Hypertension be useful to add to the diet of berries, mixed with honey. A large number of volatile composition of fruits in nature are designed to fight colds, microbe infections and inflammation in the body. Josta supplies important minerals in the body due to its rich mineral composition. Berry anthocyanins and vitamin P to improve circulation and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. A little sugar will be useful in patients with diabetes and losing weight people. Josto you can add to your diet in the diet, as the fruit accelerate metabolism and promote the burning of fat reserves. Stimulates the excretory system for removal of radionuclides and toxins from the body.



Harm and contraindications hypersensitive, allergic to vitamin C and the propensity to thrombosis it is impossible to use this berry. Josta is not recommended and if you have problems with stomach: colitis, ulcer and other disorders. Fans of these unusual hybrid fruits should comply with the measure, otherwise you may develop an allergic reaction. Also, if you have had a negative reaction to the gooseberry and black currants, from eating the berries yoshta better to abstain.