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The benefits and harms of honeysuckle

The first berries appear on the honeysuckle at the end of may. And they continue to grow until the end of August. Fertility berries surprised. But even more amazing beneficial properties vested in the honeysuckle. They make a berry unique!

The use of large berries. Even despite the fact that they are small. It's not in size but in composition. It includes the following vitamins: A, C, b, R.

But not only vitamin-rich berries. Also, they contain minerals, organic acids, tannins, pectin.

Honeysuckle contains ascorbic acid. For this indicator, the berry is in no way inferior to kiwi. And the content of vitamin P, it even exceeds the performance offered by the hips.

Especially recommended to eat this berry those people who suffer from loss of appetite, underweight. Honeysuckle helps to improve appetite, and even improve digestion. Here you have useful properties!

Due to the fact that the berry includes a huge number of minerals and vitamins, it is able to perform a critical function. Namely, to boost immunity. By regular consumption of berries, you can forget about frequent colds, acute respiratory infections, colds or bronchitis.



But to use the berries with caution. The fact that they cause a diuretic effect.

Eat honeysuckle can and children and adults. Even adults especially important. The fact that berry strengthens blood vessels and prevents thereby the emergence of many diseases. The capillaries become more solid, not brittle, as often happens over time.

Useful properties are due to the fact that the berry contains huge amounts of vitamin C. And it is known to be important. In particular to combat colds.

Eat honeysuckle be sure those who have anemia. Berry improves blood.

Few people know that honeysuckle is able to quickly reduce fever. It can be used as a natural febrifuge. It is desirable to have berries on hand, if there is a cold person. It can be extremely helpful in a time when it is impossible to give medicinal antipyretics based on paracetamol.

The honeysuckle is a berry. Like any other, it can cause allergic reactions. It is definitely harm. You should eat it carefully.

But not only the berries can cause allergies. Even the plant itself, its leaves and those capable of it. So in the spring when flowering honeysuckle it can cause allergic reactions, as stated on the pollen.

That's basically all the harm that is able to provide a honeysuckle.