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The benefits and harms of briar

Strengthens the immune system. A strong immune system – the guarantee of health and positive mood. People with strong immune systems are much less likely to suffer from viral, microbial and allergic diseases. Briar just a good immunomodulator, is able to restore and protect the body from viral attack.

To do this, prepare a decoction of 1-2 tablespoons rose hips 1 liter of water. Moreover, the broth can put the roots and leaves of wild rose. They also possess useful properties.

Strengthens blood vessels and normalizes metabolism. Due to its mineral composition rosehip strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Reduces the level of harmful cholesterol and improves circulation. Promotes blood clotting. Contained in rose hips vitamin P – strengthens the capillaries. Even the wild rose is useful for anemia and atherosclerosis.

Lowers the blood pressure. It is recommended to use high blood pressure. Rosehip has diuretic and choleretic effects. Strengthens the gastrointestinal tract. It is used to treat ulcerative diseases of the stomach. (See. harm)

Improves digestion. The broth is based on rose hip promotes the absorption of sugar and fat in the body. Improves the appetite. In China, the rose is used as a sedative.

Good source of iron. Rose, and pumpkin should be consumed for those who have iron deficiency.

Harm hips and contraindications

Has a rich benefits, rose has a lot of contraindications. They need to know to protect themselves from the consequences.

In case of overdose, the hips can negatively affect the kidneys.



Not recommended to use wild rose people are prone to thrombophlebitis and thrombosis.

Contraindicated with high acidity of the stomach.

Rosehip contains a variety of acids, which gradually thinner tooth enamel. It is recommended after eating rinse your mouth with water or brush your teeth.

Gastritis and ulcers. So he treats or injure the stomach? If gastritis with high acidity, the use of hips should be in a minimal dose due to the large amount of vitamin C.

When endocarditis make the rose inside, you should be very careful.

If high blood pressure is not recommended to use tinctures of wild rose on alcohol. Water – based- please. But on the contrary hypotensive recommended it on alcohol.

The use of rose hips in a large number of (flesh, juice, decoction, tincture) increases the chances of getting a noninfectious jaundice.

Remedies based on root, rose hips inhibit the secretion of bile.

Decoctions of rose hips is not recommended to use with constipation.

People with dermatological problems should also apply to the hips with attention. Before use, consult a physician!

You should pay attention to the sense of proportion. Its neglect in most cases leads to tragic consequences.