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The benefits and harms of chokeberry

The benefits and harms of black chokeberry in lower concentrations of acid, it is recommended to use patients with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, and tannins, which help with diarrhea, but can cause constipation. In the structure of its fruit has carotene which is a powerful weapon against free radicals, boron is involved in bone formation and protects against osteoporosis.

For diabetics the use of black chokeberry is a minimum content in the fruit sugar, patients with anemia allows to increase hemoglobin.

The undoubted benefits of black chokeberry due to the rich content in Aronia vitamins you can use it to fight beriberi and strengthen the immune system. It treat hypertension, thrombophlebitis, improve liver function.



Despite all of useful to human qualities, there is harm chokeberry for patients with gastritis, peptic ulcer, intestinal obstruction. In the fruits of chokeberry high content of organic acids, they irritate the gastric mucosa, increases the acidity, can cause heartburn and stomach cramps.

Possible harm chokeberry for people who have allergic reaction to berry. Caution should be taken patients with hypertension, disorders of blood clotting.

Minimal damage to Aronia successfully kompensiruet its essential properties in the field of cosmetology. With Aronia you can get rid of wrinkles, clear pores, eliminate warts and acne. Mask from the fruits of the plants will have a much bigger effect than any expensive cosmetics.

Benefits and harms of chokeberry lies in its diuretic properties, which at low consumption of berries is able to exert a healing effect on urinary function, and in large doses have a negative impact on the kidneys.