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The benefits and harms of blueberries

Blueberry is a great antiseptic and antibiotic nature. In the treatment of cough or throat use bilberry, it helps due to its beneficial properties. Used the berries and a decoction of the leaves.

The gastrointestinal tract will also cure all the same blueberry. Diseases of the stomach, colitis cure and juice and broth, berries both fresh and dried. Interestingly, constipation is treated with fresh blueberries and diarrhea dried.

The thing is that the blueberries are substances that have the stomach disinfectant action. The intestinal microflora is improved and putrefactive processes in the intestine are prevented.

Bilberry has anti-inflammatory effect and is used for diseases of rheumatism, gallbladder and liver.

Useful properties of blueberries can Express themselves in disease of the urinary tract. In ancient times healers advised the blueberries for the regulation of the menstrual cycle. To date, preparations based on blueberries are struggling with the disease of the bladder and kidneys.



Complications caused by diabetes, blueberries can also help you to reduce blood sugar and stabilize your glands and organs.

Like many berries, bilberry is used in cosmetic formulations intended to moisturize the skin and also has anti-inflammatory effect.

The useful property of blueberries in its ability to eliminate toxins (free radicals) that are directly related to the process of aging and destruction of the whole organism.

Bilberry is used not only for illnesses but also for prevention. The use of medications, uses, composed of blueberries, and the berries themselves, leads to improve immunity, prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system, improves functioning of all organs.


If oxalate is the excretion of salts of oxalic acid, is contraindicated to use as the blueberry and its juice. People allergic to berries should avoid contact with her.

Blueberry and environmentally polluted areas accumulates harmful substances, so be careful.