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The benefits and harms of raspberry

We will begin to disclose this matter with composition. It is known that raspberry is almost 85% water, about 8-9% from carbs and about the same on mono and disaccharides. It also contains proteins and fats. The berry is rich in vitamins: more vitamin C, then, in descending order: B9, PP, E, B3. Here is a list of micro-and macroelements: potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, chlorine. Contains raspberry and acids: salicylic, malic, citric. There is in it the substance anthocyanin, which makes capillaries more robust. As for the calories, per 100 grams of berries has about 40 calories.

Besides the fact that raspberries are extremely tasty, its medicinal properties are also widely known. Along with berries such as blueberries, raspberries used in the prevention and treatment of diseases. We all know the useful property of raspberry for colds to lower the temperature. Not less deserving of attention and ability of the berry to stop the bleeding and to remove toxins. Milk and its beneficial properties will also help people who suffer from sciatica, anemia, atherosclerosis.

Raspberries added to tea, getting a wonderful remedy, which is recommended to drink during a cold. But you should know that if You brew the raspberries, then it should be done no longer than three minutes and be sure to boiling water as in warm water the berry will lose more useful properties.



Many people think that raspberry jam has the same beneficial properties as the fresh berries, but it's not. Of course, it would still be useful, but for anybody not a secret that during heat treatment a lot of nutrients destroyed. However, during his illness, as fresh raspberries and raspberry jam will serve as a great help to aspirin, do not forget about it! Because in addition to ingesting, raspberry has such properties as a diaphoretic and a mild pain reliever.

In raspberries there are some essential substances that can cause negative reactions in Allergy sufferers. People who suffer from gastritis or stomach ulcers also not recommended to take a concentrated raspberry juice and liqueurs based on it. Raspberry also not recommended for those who suffer from urolithiasis, gout and some kidney problems. People with diabetes should not forget about sugars contained in raspberries.

Berry is contraindicated in bronchial asthma and the presence of nasal polyps.

People who take medication against blood clotting, raspberry is also contraindicated, because it has the opposite effect.

During pregnancy abuse of raspberries can trigger allergies in your unborn child, and the adult may appear. So you know the measure to use this wonderful berries and then it will do You only good. Recommended daily amount is 3 tablespoons or 50g.