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The benefits and harms of white currants

Use the leaves of white currant

Before winter, prepare a sufficient quantity of black currant leaves. You can then make tea, combine with other herbs. Leaves are added to salad, marinades, you can chew to cleanse the mouth because the plant has a bactericidal effect on the organism.

White currant has been used for anemia. Suggest twigs bushes of oats to use for a drink, so the body will be enriched with sufficient vitamins. Using the drink to improve the production of red blood cells. White currant tones the body.



The harm of white currant

You cannot use berries in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis, in which there is high acidity. Gently used for those who suffer from peptic ulcer disease. You can eat a few berries with other foods, so removed from the body a sufficient amount of harmful acid that accumulates in the stomach.

So, white currants are a delicious berry that contains a large number of different needed by the body and to human health substances. Berry has more benefits than harm. If you consider all contraindications and to observe the rules for its use, side effects occur, especially berries due to the fact that white does not lead to different allergic reactions. White currants are allowed to use during pregnancy, lactation period, children.