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The benefits and harms of red currant

A deciduous shrub native to Western Europe, is grown for the manufacture of drugs or foods. In England cooks use jelly from the berries as a seasoning for roasts, the Scandinavians like to add the fruits in fruit soups and puddings, in Germany, they boil cream in Austria used as filler for cakes.

The benefits and harms of red currants for the Russians traditionally used in winemaking or cooking soft drinks. The leaves of the shrub rightly valued in folk medicine for its medicinal qualities.

Use the red currant is the ability to boost immunity, reduce the risk of development of malignant tumors of the colon, regulation of the cardiovascular system. Doctors also recommend to eat the berry for stroke prevention and during treatment of osteoporosis.

The known benefits of red currants from its ability to prevent seizures and prevent hair loss of hair. In addition, the berry is the high concentration of vitamin C is present, vitamin K, trace elements give it great potential to counter respiratory diseases, ability to stop bleeding and prevent hemorrhage.



The fruits don't keep long fresh as it spoils quickly.

Unlike the other berries, there is no harm to the red currant for Allergy sufferers, moreover, according to the doctors, it can successfully deal with eczema and dermatitis of different etiology.

Despite the many beneficial effects on health factors, there is a harm red currant for people with ulcerative lesions of the stomach lining due to high acidity of the fruit. Doctors also advise you to take it for food during exacerbations of gastritis diseases of the liver.

Known harm red currant, reflected in its low nutrient content, it has low calorie content, but these qualities allow you to use it as a component of dietary dishes.

In addition, the benefits and harms of red currant lies in its ability to rid the body of toxins and harmful compounds, such as sweets with overeating can cause dehydration and diarrhea. Like other products, it has its limitations, which depend mainly on human health and quantity of edible berries.