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The benefits and harms of Kalina

The use of viburnum

In Kalina contains the lion's share of vitamin C. So eating 1 berry, if you swallowed say. The only difference is that it is a natural product. Because of this, the tea viburnum is the best assistant in the fight against colds.

Especially good fight a decoction of the berries of viburnum with bronchitis, sore throat, tonsillitis and even pneumonia.

This fruit is rich in pectin and tannins, causing your digestive tract.

Viburnum flowers have been used in folk medicine as a means to recover lost voices. Even with a strong crackling, broth their color returns voice.

No less useful and has the bark of viburnum. It has established itself as a styptic, and has long been used for heavy bleeding, especially after childbirth.

For this reason, prescribe a rinse decoction of the bark of viburnum patients with periodontal disease.



Also the bark of viburnum has a powerful antispasmodic action.

Berries can lower blood pressure, so it is especially useful for hypertensive patients.

Doctors recommend to eat a small handful of berries of viburnum to start the update mechanism of the blood.

Kalina has also proved to be a physician from emotional and psychological trauma. Its vitamin and mineral content improves mood, relieves stress, and even cures depression.


This berry can do much harm only in the case if you eat handfuls without sense. Due to the high content of vitamin C overdose viburnum, can be a rash on the body.

Besides, not all varieties of viburnum are useful. If the berries are not red — they are poisonous. So in the Caucasus viburnum grows black berries which is a strong poison.

Harm can also Kalina in that case, if you do not take into account all contraindications.