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The benefits and harms of Saskatoon

Saskatoon is a great storehouse of carotene, which along with ascorbic acid is one of the most powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants strengthen the immunity of the person, alleviate painful conditions caused by dependence on the electromagnetic radiation, increase resistance to infectious diseases and stress, help get rid of depressive conditions. Antioxidants prevent the development of cancer, and help the body cope with Alzheimer's disease – severe damage to the nervous systems. Pectin is removed from the body salts of heavy metals, toxins, radionuclides, lower cholesterol, thereby prevent the occurrence of serious vascular pathologies, and are beneficial to the heart.

The fruit can be used as a multivitamin means for the treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis, avitaminosis, gastro-intestinal and cardiovascular diseases. Due to the high content of vitamin e, fresh fruits and juice of Saskatoon is recommended to include in the diet of the elderly for the prevention of varicose veins and myocardial infarction, strengthen, improve elasticity of walls of blood vessels, normalization of sleep and strengthen the whole body.



The juice of the Saskatoon anti-inflammatory and astringent action in various gastro-intestinal disorders, enterocolitis and colitis, it is often used as a dietary drink. The fruits of amelanchier have a pronounced sedative effect, they are recommended to apply to people of all ages with increased nervous excitability, insomnia and restless sleep. The Irga are shown to apply in nervous hard work, to minimize the effects of stress.


The use of the Irga is contraindicated for people with individual intolerance and low blood pressure. Other contraindications are absent. Given the powerful sedative effect, not in a hurry to get behind the wheel after you eat the berries or drink a compote of Saskatoon, also be careful when you work with different mechanisms and in a field which requires extreme concentration of attention.