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The benefits and harms of Goji berries

Goji berries or "red diamond" according to Chinese legend, bring the youth. The texture and color resemble raisins. Grown in the Chinese province of Ningxia Hui for over 5000 years. And only the last 10 years they started to cause wild interest in the U.S. and Europe, and recently in Russia. First in one Australian magazine, these berries presented as a new cellulite remedy. Later in the newspaper "Los Angeles Times" published an article about anti-cancer properties of the Goji. The entire Western elite immediately tried them myself.

And do these berries have an unusual composition:

4 unique polysaccharide;

21 mineral;

6 monosaccharides;

6 karotinoidov;


vitamins b, E, C;

18 amino acids not found in plant foods;

5 unsaturated fatty acids;



selenium and germanium that prevent the formation of cancerous tumors;

ritalin – powerful anticarcinogen fighting leukemia.

Only one of vitamin C in 100 g of berries contains 148 mg. while the lemon the figure is just 53. By the way, the very berry sweet. It turns out that the message of Goji berries replace half a lemon. A powerful complex of nutrients strengthens all systems of the human body, improves the immune system and returns virility

Could be considered overseas berry is a panacea for all ills, if not one "but" — Goji berries are all. First of all, they are not suitable for pregnant and nursing moms. In addition, they may cause bloating and diarrhea. This means that people with weak intestines Goji berries are also not suitable. In addition, they "Wake" pre-existing Allergy to red, orange and yellow fruits.

If you drink pills like Goji is able to enhance the action of side effects. This is especially true of high blood pressure.

Pregnant women, nursing mothers and children up to 3 years – is strictly prohibited. Why?

If we consider the issue from the naturalness of the product, here is nothing to argue. Do the Goji berry is not worse than a "dry sausage". Moreover, it is such a powerful vitamin complex that pregnant women should be snapping these berries all day long. Only one iron 11 mg per 100 g which is more than in oysters.

Now back to reality. First, the daily rate for humans is only 10-20 g, which is as much as 30-50 pieces. Secondly, (and this is the main reason) the first rule for pregnant and lactating mothers – eat natural, but the "native" food. That is, those fruits and vegetables that grow in your area, those meat and other products that are in your territory. Any exotic threat at least to those that your body can not take it. A small body of the baby are still so weak that it can rapidly respond to overseas berries.