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The benefits and harms of blueberries


Researchers from Cincinnati reached interesting results, by conducting experiments in an attempt to establish a link between exposure of the fruit bushes in the body and improve memory. As a result of experiments in which took part hundreds of elderly people have been proven blueberries in the restoration of memory functions.

This healing properties of the fruit don't end there. The benefit of blueberries is the high content of vitamins C, K, which allows to recommend it as an anti-inflammatory, regulate hematopoietic function and metabolism, helping the body to absorb calcium, normalizing the gall bladder and liver, helping the formation of bone and connective tissue.

The results of laboratory tests allow to assert that the benefits of blueberry is quite large, as a means to prevent degenerative heart disease, oncologic diseases. The qualities of fruits are due to anthocyanins, which eliminate disorders associated with aging tissues, neutralize the effects of environmental toxins. Berry can be used as a remedy for poisoning toxins and chemicals.



Due to its constituent antioxidants and vitamins harm blueberry possible for people with allergies. The fruit of a shrub can cause skin irritation, itching, runny nose. There are dangers of blueberries for kids, it may trigger skin Allergy, doctors do not recommend to use a treat lactating women.

In the use of the product in large quantities possible harm to the blueberry because of its laxative effects on the bowel, it can cause diarrhea, flatulence, bloating.

Like some other berries, the fruits of the shrub contain flavonoids. Benefits and harms of blueberries from these minerals is in the ability to prevent urinary tract infection and to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

A significant plus in favor of the tasty treats is the convenience of its storage. Experiments researchers from Ohio state showed that the juice of frozen blueberries do not lose their nutritional and healing properties. The berry can be a deep freeze and enjoy its excellent taste and medicinal qualities all year round.