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The benefits and harms of cowberry

The obvious benefit of cranberries in its unique composition. The fact that this berry contains just the bouquet, in which vitamins such as a, group b, vitamins C and E, carotene and pectin. This cranberries and cooking products in which it is present useful for improving the vision and resilience to colds.

Cranberries can help to get rid of extra pounds. I believe that the benefits of cranberries that her eating makes healthier skin and hair. Because these berries contain flavonoids and fitontsidy – substances, together with vitamins, fight free radicals. Moreover, like any other product that has a mesmerizing aroma and sweet taste, cranberries can relieve a person from depression.

These berries contains those sugars that are very well absorbed in the human body. And among them is dominated by the fructose and sucrose content are minimal. So cranberries are recommended for diabetes. In addition, the use of cranberries in the presence of minerals, such as iron and calcium, manganese and potassium. Together, they will help to significantly strengthen the immune system, as well as get rid of diseases such as gastritis, tuberculosis or anemia.



However, the dangers of cranberries can manifest with elevated secretory function of stomach. That is why the berry not recommend eating the ulcer. Also, it is known that the cranberries and the juice from it can decrease blood pressure, so people who have it and so below the norm to eat cranberries is contraindicated. If berries collected in the woods, and not far from the busy highways, they are also unsafe because they can contain toxic substances.

In any case, there are even these wonderful gifts of the forest need with caution. And, of course, will not be superfluous to consult a specialist for advice that was received on the benefits and harms of cranberries did not affect health in any way!