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The benefits and harms of Birch tar

The use of birch tar is known since the most ancient times. In the old days is a natural substance used for the treatment of various diseases of internal organs. Later it turned out that birch tar is wonderful cosmetic remedy. In these days natural product is widely in demand as a folk drug for the treatment of diseases and as a unique tool for the care of skin and hair. When the drug or cosmetic agent used birch tar, the benefits and harms of this substance depends on the implementation of the production technology of the product. The main basis for the preparation of nutrients is birch bark. Technology of production of birch tar consists of the heating of birch bark and its subsequent distillation. Thanks to such method of production the resulting product is unique, it is much superior to the chemical composition of birch bark. Experts point out that in finished birch tar contains over 10,000 useful substances to humans. Thanks to these valuable qualities, the use of birch tar is quite diverse. A natural product used not only in alternative medicine, it is very popular and pharmacological industries. For example, based ointments such as trypsin or Konkova, it included birch tar. Natural component include a series of medicines for the care of skin and also hair.

Useful properties Since the ancient times the birch tar was used as a folk of the drug against fungal and inflammatory skin diseases. In addition, natural product used for the treatment of internal organs, because it has such wonderful properties: antibacterial; antiinflammatory; antipruritic; absorbable; regenerating; disinfectant; antiseptic; analgesic; disinfecting. The main purpose of the product in these days is the treatment of skin diseases: ringworm; psoriasis; itchy skin; diathesis; eczema; seborrhea; pyoderma; skin diseases of different nature.



Harm and contraindications Like many other plant natural products, birch tar and favor, and a threat to human health. Benefits and harms of birch tar depend only on the individual characteristics of each person. If the drug is used birch tar, contraindications to its use include the following: individual intolerance to the components of natural substance or an allergic reaction to the product; the presence of a strong inflammatory processes on the skin; severe burning on the skin; pregnant women; feeding young mother breast; chronic diseases of the urinary system. It is important to remember that birch tar is a concentrated product, so in case of wrong or inappropriate use to person may have suffered significant harm.

The damage of birch tar to the human body can be applied in the following cases: the use of pure concentrated product; exceeding the yearly dose of natural drug. Side effects after an overdose of birch tar can be nausea, dizziness, vomiting, sharp increase in blood pressure; prolonged use of the product. Birch tar is used only by the course application, if the treatment time has expired, and the person continues to use as medicine natural product, the body can react accordingly, for example, the skin forms a rash, itching, prolonged use of birch tar is a negative effect on the urinary system, where it mainly affects the kidney. The first signs of intoxication are: nausea, headache, vomiting, convulsions. In any case, before you start the effective treatment of various diseases of birch tar, you should consult with your doctor and get approval from him on the appropriateness of medical procedures.