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The benefits and harms of Kvartsevanie home

The principle of quartz treatment In hospital and health environment application karavannoj lamp due. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays emitted efficiently killed harmful microorganisms that are present in the room. If kvartsevanie to use at home, this procedure helps to decontaminate the premises and make all those in it items almost sterile. That is, everything that falls under the influence of ultraviolet rays emanating from the lamp quartz treatment, fully disinfected and destroyed from the presence of harmful factors and pathogens. In order to carry out kvartsevanie home, you can use one of several types kvartalnyj lamps. Currently, a sufficient number kvartalnyj lamps for houses which have small and compact size, and high efficiency. One example kvartalnyj home lamp is a versatile lamp. It is very simple in its use but offers maximum efficiency. But, as noted by stats, kvartalnyj lamps in residential, do not rush to actively use. The fact is that there is a perception, as if kvartsevanie at home can cause enormous harm to the human body and have a negative impact on the microclimate in a residential area. Whether it is opinion or it is completely pointless to learn it will be possible only after will be fully understood the benefits and harms karavannoj lamp house.

The use of quartz treatment the Main purpose of karavannoj lamp is the disinfection of the premises from harmful factors and disease microorganisms. Lamp action have a positive anti-bacterial effect. When there is kvartsevanie at home, the use of the character can be brought? Kwarcevania lamp is an excellent preventative method, acting against the attack of flu viruses and colds. If in the living room there is respiratory disease infected people, regular kvartsevanie will help to prevent the disease in other family members. Actively used kvartsevanie at home in such diseases of man as a lingering runny nose, adenoids, chronic bronchitis. Driven by the positive effect of the method the fact that under the regular procedures of the quartz treatment, a complete destruction of pathogens and harmful bacteria that are the causative agents and activators of these diseases.



The main helpers in treatment of otitis media and inflammation of the ears is kwarcevania lamp. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays is the destruction of harmful microorganisms, which activate the inflammatory process. It is noticed that the rays from karavannoj lamps have a beneficial effect in the treatment of many skin diseases. It is useful to regularly kvartsevanie dwelling is in such skin diseases as psoriasis, eczema, skin rashes, and acne. Many dentists suggest to use kvartsevanie apartment to all those who are suffering from toothache. The maximum effect, the procedure assumes that if the toothache is caused by the activity of the sores. Good to use kvartsevanie apartments for people suffering from inflammatory processes in the development of osteoarthritis and other joint diseases. Recommended regular quartz treatment dwelling in which there is a person who recently had a serious operation or injury. It is proved that ultraviolet rays emitted from karavannoj Lama, have a restorative function, a beneficial effect on the condition of the damaged joints, cartilage and ligaments. Pediatricians suggest continued kvartsevanie house, which is inhabited by young children. It is proved that this method of disinfection of the premises is a reliable prevention of the development of rickets. All the patients in the body where there is inflammation, kvartsevanie will help to effectively and quickly get rid of the underlying disease.

Harm and contraindications All the above facts prove that not only kvartsevanie can be carried out in apartments and houses, but necessary. But even such a useful procedure has its contraindications. If you spend kvartsevanie house, the harm of the character may be caused to the human body? The main harm to the human body in the process of quartz treatment can be applied when lamps are used for other purposes or quartz treatment method is carried out inappropriately. Most modern kvartalnyj lamps suggest the possibility of finding people in a room that is disinfected. But, in order to avoid negative consequences, from the premises at the time of the quartz treatment is recommended to go. Kvartsevanie has some contraindications: Individual intolerance. Emitted ultraviolet rays have a certain effect on sensitive people, so in some cases, the person may experience an allergic reaction to the quartz treatment process. To protect yourself from the negative effects of quartz treatment, the procedure should start with the minimum doses and with extreme caution. If you have physical changes in General health (rash, runny nose, headache), the procedure for the quartz treatment at home prohibited conduct. There is an unproven opinion that the procedure for the quartz treatment can be the activator to the development of cancer, therefore people who have a predisposition to tumors, to carry out kvartsevanie not worth it. Some categories of people kvartsevanie at home leads to increased blood pressure. To refrain from carrying out such procedures it is recommended to all those people who have certain problems with the blood vessels. In any case, before you begin kvartsevanie at home, you should consult with your doctor. Only after approving the solutions obtained from a specialist, you can begin to perform a useful procedure.