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The benefits and harms of tar soap

About the benefits and uniqueness of the birch tar was known to the ancient Slavs. They independently received a natural product from birch bark, and then applied in the desired therapeutic and preventive purposes. With each subsequent year the beneficial properties gradually were studied, and in these years there are a huge number of drug and cosmetic preparations on the basis of this herbal product. The main product, based on the use of natural tar, coal-tar soap is, the benefits and harms which extensively studied and proven. The main qualities of this product are its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, healing, antimicrobial and cleansing action.

The use of tar soap Useful cosmetic product has a cheap price, which in no way affects its quality and usefulness. Coal-tar soap is effectively applied for fast treatment of skin diseases, hair problems, diseases such as psoriasis or eczema. Use tar soap for getting rid of head lice; removing diseases of the scalp (allergic psoriasis, seborrhea, etc.); treatment of defects on the face and body (acne, pimples, boils); prevention and harmless treatment of fungal and skin diseases — psoriasis, eczema, different dermatitis; eliminate fungal infections on the feet lower extremities; recovery and quality of prevention of gynecological diseases; a preventive framework against active viruses, bacteria and harmful factors. Coal-tar soap is an alternative to Oxolinic ointment, as a treatment for nasal mucosa the activity of the epidemic SARS and influenza.



Useful quality product is the Use of tar soap is invaluable. It is possible to indicate only the main product quality, to understand how unique and effective against various diseases this herbal preparation. Soap has a drying, healing and disinfectant effect, which is very typical for the treatment and prevention of inflammatory processes on the skin. Antimicrobial and antiviral action is very effective in combating viruses, malware, microbes, fungi, bacteria. Anti-infective property of the soap works awesome for different varieties of malware infections. Insecticidal activity is aimed at cure for external parasites 0 lice, harmful insects, mites on the surface of the scalp and body. The wound healing properties tar soap can be used to treat cracks on the skin of feet, healing of minor wounds and burns.

Potential harm the Primary harm tar soap can be made in its composition. Depending on the individual characteristics of the human body, the product is not recommended in the following cases: in the presence of allergic reactions to components of the product; the people, the owners of dry, sensitive and thin skin use the useful qualities of tar soap; the owners of the dry hair and in the presence of dry tips at the ends of the curls to cultivate the hair with lye soap is prohibited. It is important to remember that soap tar is a product for external use only. When a deliberate or accidental contact with soap in the esophagus, the consequences of the process can be sad. Of course, poisoning is not, but it is likely that in the lining of the esophagus is burn, irritation and the person will feel pain in the abdomen or heartburn.