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The benefits and harms of Meltwater

Experts on healthy nutrition and nutritionists confidently say that an adult needs every day to drink at least 2 liters of clean water. It promotes natural cleansing of the body and accelerate metabolism. Water is an irreplaceable source of vitality, good health and positive optimism. But few know that if regular drinking boiled water to replace melt water, the benefit from this will be many times more. The use of melt water is known a long time ago. Our ancestors, living in Siberia and in the far North, preferred to any fluids that is melt water, with the result that they were proud of health, strength and increased energy. When used in the diet of melt water, the benefits and harms of the liquid mixed. It is very important to prepare a correct and healthy fluid, you must observe the important instructions. Clean and high quality melt-water will only benefit the human body, at a time when the liquid prepared in inappropriate conditions and not with the observance of the important pillars that can bring significant damage to the person. In the old days melt water was prepared from freshly collected snow. Tried to collect the snow that was far away from the settlements and do not pull a variety of ways contamination. Pure snow was brought into the house and let it melt. The resulting liquid with great success and was used for cooking and for common drink. But the medicine men and healers used the melted water to treat certain diseases. Properties of melt water are preserved to the present day. In the present modern times people are happy to drink melt water, thereby making the body strong and enduring.



Useful properties of ordinary water Molecules are not identical to the molecular composition of melt water. After freezing of the liquid, and then after settling there is a change in the size of molecules, or rather their diameter. The molecules of the melt water is taken to equal the size of the molecules of human cells in the body, so all the processes occurring in the internal organs, accelerate and primarily to significantly speed up metabolism. The advantage of melt water lies in the fact that entering the body fluid contributes to better interaction of various substances and the internal organs, the body expends less energy to digest incoming food. In simple tap water, there is a negative substance — deuterium. It adversely affects the functioning of the body's cells and causes them significant damage. After freezing, the water loses such a hard mineral, so the melt liquid is completely devoid of the substance of deuterium, and can not adversely affect the structure of the cells

The possible harm is Established that the harm of melt water to the human body is virtually nonexistent. The liquid can adversely affect the health of all internal organs and does not cause negative processes. But only high-quality liquid has harmless properties, so there are strict rules of cooking liquid. Not recommended daily norm of consumption of liquid to completely replace the use of melt water. It is necessary to drink not more than 30% of the norm. The other 70% of fluid should be ingested in the form of plain water or beverages. In today's deteriorated environment is not recommended to cook melt water from snow, especially if snow is collected in the cities. A similar procedure for the preparation of melt water were used in ancient times, when the environment was not contaminated no chemical emissions, no toxic chemicals or harmful fumes.