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The benefits and harms of inulin


Inulin (not to be confused with insulin!) is a natural polysaccharide, contained in some plants. But at the end of the last century in the development of the pharmaceutical industry appeared Supplement with inulin, benefits and harms of which were massively discussed among the circles of medical professionals. Some experts were confident that such innovation pharmacists is just another "divorce" of the population, but other adherents of a healthy lifestyle found in the inulin miraculous properties for the human health. So what is its use? Inulin is harmful for the body or Vice versa?

In some plants inulin is present. The main concentration of this substance is found in the rhizomes and tubers of medicinal crops. Inulin is a polysaccharide or carbohydrate, which the plant carries the energy value. Inulin can not be formed by itself, its main building material is fructose. Scientists have discovered and proven that inulin contains about 9 finite residues of fructose. Under the influence of hydrolysis or fermentation, the inulin is able to converted back into fructose. For the human body inulin belongs to the group of prebiotics, which are not absorbed in the upper esophagus, but have a positive effect on the health of the colon.



What are the useful properties of inulin? The substance is cleaner of the body, a sufficient amount of it promotes excretion of salts of heavy metals and hazardous radionuclides. Inulin is an excellent prevention of diseases of the skeletal system. With regular consumption of the component and the stimulation of bone growth, respectively, increases the fortress of bone structure. Such as enhanced, if you use nutritional vitamins with inulin. A particularly useful composition of inulin + calcium, as the latter is better absorbed under the influence of the first. Such biological additive is useful to take the elderly and all those who have problems in the fortress structure of the skeletal system. Using scientific research revealed that long-course application of inulin promotes the growth of density in the bone structure. In the use of inulin over a year my bone density increased by 25%. Regular consumption of inulin helps strengthen the immune system. The main thing is having the positive effect of this substance is a digestive tract, correct work which contributes to the strengthening and stimulation of protective properties of the organism. Essential consumption of inulin in diseases of the liver. Vitamin complex and the inulin has a positive effect on the treatment of hepatitis b and C.

Contraindications and harms of Most medical professionals claim that inulin has virtually no contraindications, respectively, and harm to the body he is not able to apply. The only danger that may present this substance, is the individual characteristics of the human body and its reaction to the ingestion of prebiotics. If a person is allergic to prebiotics, inulin it is forbidden to use in feed, and in cosmetics.