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The benefits and harms of Nordic walking

In this modern times, one can often meet people-athletes, who gracefully walk on the alleys or parks based on special poles. This sport is called and Nordic walking, the popularity of which is increasing with each passing day more and more. From Nordic walking a few names. This sport is also known as the Finnish walking, including Nordic walking. But all these concepts share a common technical basis, which is inherent in Amateur sport. The technique of Nordic walking is regular walking in a rhythmic pace, which uses special poles that looks like an ordinary stick for a ski ride. But between these types of sticks there are some differences. First, Nordic walking poles are slightly shorter than regular ski poles. Second, at the end of the Scandinavian sticks is a special tight end, which softens the force of impact when pressure is applied. When pressed on the Scandinavian sticks is substantial load on the entire spine and upper body. When walking the person makes rhythmic movements that fills the body with energy and vigor. If you draw a parallel between ordinary walking and Nordic, during class last when driving is involved in about 90% of all muscles. At a time when during normal walking bothered only about 45% of muscles. Nordic walking can be called a gentle sport, because when driving there is no load on the joints and ligaments. The pace of this sport fills a man with energy, so with Nordic walking, you can easily overcome mountainous obstacles and various ascents or descents. Poles used when walking, help rejuvenate a tired athlete, when was the last after the long haul relies on sticks and restores the charge of the energy forces. Doctors recommend Nordic walking for people suffering from heart disease. This sport can be attributed to the cardio, which helps to train the heart and vascular system, to strengthen the body and help in restoring the musculoskeletal system with various injuries or disorders. In addition, Nordic walking contributes to effective weight loss.



Use Nordic walking

As mentioned above, Nordic walking, the benefits and harm which is justified and proved to be an Amateur or a universal sport, which means that doing them can be almost anyone who can walk. The only contraindication that has Nordic walking, is the inability of a man to make a step movement or to comply with bed rest on doctor's recommendation. Nordic walking can be rightly called a set of common physical exercise. Professional athletes use the sport as cardio, helps to train the upper body. People suffering from various diseases, use Nordic walking as a repair and strengthening method. But the older people Nordic walking helps to lead an active lifestyle. What is the use of the famous Nordic walking? The load on all muscle groups. Safety when performing exercises, that is, when walking is not affected ligaments and muscles, does not occur, the load on the spine. Energetic rhythm, set Nordic walking promotes weight loss. Exercise group cardiac muscles, respectively, normalization of the heart and vascular system. Ease of use helps people with the interest to Nordic walking, for which only special packages, and the travel route is specified in any form. The simplicity and ease of this sport allows you to go Nordic walking in any season of the year. Walking helps improve posture, to adjust the calculation of the coordination of movement and balance. Walking in ecologically clean areas helps in easy supply of oxygen, which contributes to the prevention of respiratory diseases. Active classes on the fresh air help to strengthen and improve organism as a whole. Energy time allows a person to get rid of nervous feelings and depression. Nordic walking helps to normalize the state of the locomotor apparatus. Before how to start with training, anyone should consult with your doctor. The fact that the sharp training, long routes and heavy load can cause a negative impact on the health of people suffering from serious illnesses. In any case, to start this kind of training is necessary with small distances. Regular assignment exercises with gradually increasing load will help to heal and strengthen the body

Nordic walking for weight loss Popular Nordic walking is often used to combat obesity. Nordic walking with poles for weight loss has unique advantages: if you do walk at least 1 hour for it is an intensive weight reduction; while walking train all groups of muscles, there is an adjustment of the figures; when the rhythmic movement is actively consumed calories; walking sticks helps to maintain posture and to get rid of the fat on my stomach.