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The benefits and harms of Medicinal leeches

The benefits of treatment the Main secret of a useful method of treatment of many diseases is the saliva of the leech, which contains a valuable secret, which has the following unique health substances: Hirudin, a substance that is actively focused on the positive work of the circulatory system. Hirudin is opposed to the formation of blood clots in the blood. It is important to clarify that the saliva of every subspecies of the leech contains hirudin substance. Trypsin is essential for normal functioning of the digestive tract enzyme. Trypsin is involved in the proper metabolism and balance of carbohydrates and protein. The cathepsin — another useful enzyme that actively opposes the formation of cancerous tumors. Bacteria have protective functions and protect the body from attack of infections, viruses and germs. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme having a positive impact on sexual function of men. The use of treatment for humans is as follows: the saliva of the leech helps to normalize blood clotting inside the blood vessels and affects blood flow. The applying of medicinal leeches on the reflex zones of actively shaping the immune system, and also takes care of the normalization of all internal systems of the body. After the bite, the blood flow increases, which helps to relieve swelling, and supplying tissues with oxygen. Leech therapy normalizes blood pressure, relieves fever and inflammation in the body. Experts claim that leech therapy is indispensable with frequent nervous disorders as it helps to eliminate pain and disorders of a psychological nature. The benefits and harms of treatment is concluded in the individual characteristics of the organism, a useful quality procedures help the body to get stronger after severe diseases, but also to get rid of the negative effects of pathogens.



Contraindications and harms of treatment when Deciding on the treatment of leech therapy, it is important to know the harm of treatment. For therapeutic purposes, the human body is applied only hungry leeches that had not fed within the last 6 months. For complete saturation of the medicinal leech enough from 40 minutes to a half hour. Many experts consider the procedure of leech therapy are harmless and useful, but it is important to know what is contraindications for hirudotherapy. In one procedure, the leech is able to suck the person up to 150 ml of blood. People suffering from disorders in the process of blood coagulation, this procedure is strictly prohibited. The harm of leeches is obvious, if a person suffers from physical ailments, which led to a General depletion of the body. In addition, people with lower weight norms hirudotherapy is strictly prohibited. Under reduced pressure, treatment with leeches is unacceptable. If a person is prone to allergic reactions, then he hirudotherapy is prohibited. Autoimmune and oncological diseases are a contraindication to the use of hirudotherapy. Contraindications leeches observed and if pregnant or breast-feeding young mothers. In the period of severe poisoning treatment with leeches is unacceptable. A contraindication to the use of hirudotherapy is acute phase of an infectious or inflammatory diseases.