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The benefits and harms of Arginine

Arginine is an amino acid that can be synthesized under the influence of certain favorable factors. It is important to note the fact that under the influence of some negative factors indicated positive synthesis may be suspended. Typically, these factors are the human disease or chemotherapy. After 30 years of age the synthesis of arginine also slows down to form it back to normal, you must follow a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. Specifically the amino acid arginine, the benefits and harms of which was vigorously debated in the 90-ies, it is indispensable for the normal functioning of the human body substance. In the synthesis of arginine in humans is the conversion of nitrogen oxides. As you know, nitric oxide is not a very favorable substance which in nature causes acid rain, while in the body, it contributes to the accumulation of carcinogens. But after mass discussions and relevant discoveries have revealed that nitric oxide has the positive factors. The interaction of arginine and nitric oxide is one, without each other, these substances can not exist and be stored in the body. It is because of the arginine is converted to nitric oxide, which the human body has the following effects: promotes relaxation and elasticity of blood vessels. This positive effect is especially important for patients with angina; significantly increases blood flow to all the muscles of the heart and the brain; positive effect on the work of the reproductive system, helping to increase blood flow and sexual external bodies; contributes to lower intraocular pressure; it is a preventive measure against the development of atherosclerosis due to the normalization of the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood; contributes to pulses, progressing between the nerve cells, accordingly, directs the work of the nervous system in a positive way; relaxes the cells of the digestive organs, and bronchial tubes; cleanses the body from ammonia compounds; helps in the recovery of injured ligaments and cartilage, due to the content of collagen. Arginine, the benefits and harms which justified the years, has a certain value for women and men. For example, for women this amino acid is useful for weight loss and keeping the body shape, and men arginine will be interesting as a means of helping to increase muscle mass.




Arginine in foods the Presence of arginine helps to normalize the work of many internal systems. It is proved that the component contained in the product, helps to normalize the condition of the heart muscle. If you regularly use products that contain arginine, it will serve as an excellent preventative method against the development of cancer. The main product that contains a large amount of arginine, are pumpkin seeds. In other foods food content of nutrients can dramatically vary. For example, dairy products contain almost no nutrients, but in legumes arginine abound. What products are the leaders in content of arginine?


Arginine for women Substance arginine for women is a real boon. Regular intake of this substance helps to eliminate depression and nervous breakdowns, significantly improve the performance and mood of a beautiful lady. The main advantage of arginine is the fact. this component promotes the breakdown of fat in the body, which is beneficial to the figure and used by women to control their weight. And the unique ability of a substance to cure infertility — used by modern gynecologists in different countries. Arginine can rightly be called a component of youth, as the regular flow it into the body helps to rejuvenate the internal organs.


People who have slow hair growth, recommended the use of drugs for hair on the basis of arginine. Arginine for hair carries positive effects: it dilates blood vessels to help improve blood circulation, nourishes the useful components of the hair roots and scalp. In the present day cosmetic industry produces argan oil, medicated shampoos, masks, balms on the basis of arginine, the use of which not only enhanced the growth of the hair, but also the recovery of the scalp.