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The benefits and harms of Douche

The benefit of a contrast shower for the body Unique contrast shower for weight loss. During the procedure is a tremendous whole body workout if a shower is taken regularly, the body receives the necessary training facilities, aimed to normalize its own weight. During the procedure, cold water different temperature water training all muscle groups, in addition, active process involving the blood vessels, capillaries, tendons, cells. All this promotes normalization of metabolism and elimination of harmful pesticides and zachelacivania that filled the inner system. If you carry out the procedure dousing with water regularly, the human metabolism begins to operate in emergency mode, which contributes to quality and safe elimination of excess body fat from the entire body. Useful contrast shower against cellulite. If concentrated aquatic therapy on a particular problem area of the body, for a very short time one can get rid of "orange peel". Regular water procedure contributes to the rapid burning of calories, on the surface of the body a contrast shower is also available positive: during the procedure, muscles and skin become elastic, the sagging disappears. It is important to remember to promote the speedy and effective elimination of cellulite, it is necessary to use a contrast shower in a peculiar manner. Is required not just to water the problem areas with something cool, then warm water, and to massage in a circular motion with the help of water jets. The water pressure should be directed at problem areas of the body, concentrating on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. If you want to eliminate cellulite from legs, the direction of water jets should definitely be the front — bottom and top, but the back — from the top down.



Even our grandmothers used dousing bodies in different temperature water reliable for relieving headaches. This procedure gave them courage and additional power. And what a useful contrast shower in our years? A contrast shower is a variable dousing the body with water at different temperatures. This procedure brings the body absolutely no negative feelings after pouring the person feels an incredible energy boost, and his body gets toned and a positive voltage. Medical studies have shown that regular contrast shower in the morning helps to energize the body, strengthen the immune system; improve blood circulation; normalize the external condition of the skin, giving it tone; eliminate cellulite; lose weight. Determined and several serious diseases, when a contrast shower is an additional therapeutic method: for dystonia; varicose veins; when disorders in the blood pressure; if disturbance of the nervous system, etc. It is important to remember that, at first, a cold shower can deliver some discomfort to the human body. But this is due to the usual neprivychnye. If you use water treatments regularly, then after a couple of treatments, the body will get only positive emotions from a contrast shower. Good advice is to start water procedures recommended in the summer season. This time of year a cold shower will bring only positive emotions.


Treat VSD contrast showers Doctors recommend the use of a contrast shower with VSD. It is important to remember that the purpose of the procedure should deal only with doctor individually. The fact that some water treatment to the patient are assigned to a direct connection from the severity of the disease. There are cases where a contrast shower with dystonia can cause the body only harm. Fulfilling the therapeutic purpose using a contrast shower, you need to know a few basics:


From the procedure the patient should have only positive feelings he must experience physical relief and a pleasant feeling. Under any manifestations of pain or discomfort, the procedure must terminate; the Difference in temperature of water must be increased gradually, it should take more than one week; it is Forbidden to use contrast shower maximum difference in temperatures; high blood pressure are forbidden to use too cold water in the experience showers; Turning the water on different temperature, you must first wash face and then go to other parts of the body; In the beginning of the course of treatments must be taken daily. This sequence only lasts 1 month. Then a contrast shower when VSD use only twice a week; it is Forbidden to use water therapies just before bedtime and immediately after waking up in the morning; After exercise the use of a contrast shower is not recommended — your body needs rest; the Procedure for the perfusion of contrast shower you should always end with a bath or manoveniem cool water for 15 seconds.