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The benefits and harms of Dousing with cold water

Each of these ways for its effective. And we are constantly on the search for a suitable. Playing sports is looking for any kind. Because sports should be fun, not to be a duty, and so we have a bit of work. To get rid of bad habits such as Smoking or love for alcohol, a very complex stage, and often not everyone have enough will power to overcome this addiction. Healthy eating is also a very complex process. And all because of taste preferences. It is so delicious-looking burgers and nuggets, much nicer taste than Kale or broccoli. And the fact that junk food is slowly killing us few people care about, but in vain, it is worth wondering what you cook your favorite fast food. Hardening long-proven method, not only strengthen the body but also maintain it in great shape for years to come. Unfortunately, not all suitable hardening, and more specifically, the dousing with cold water. Why? Let's deal. Since ancient times pouring was considered a unique method of rejuvenating the body. He was taught from early childhood. Few wondered how it is affected by pouring cold water on the body. Pouring cold water on the good or harm? The question now ask the fighters for a healthy lifestyle not only for themselves but also to others. Well, what with the advent of the Internet the search of information easier.



What harm to the body gets prolonged dousing with cold water? Unfortunately not everything is so rosy in the period of hardening. As mentioned dousing the body with cold water is first and foremost stress to the body, but rather to vessels. If you go into the details, it's all about the work of the adrenal glands. at a constant lesson tempering procedures is the hard work of this authority. When the body receives a dose of stress, then the blood is ejected dose of adrenaline, which dilates blood vessels, and eventually they lose their elasticity and the problems begin. After epinephrine, the adrenal glands actively secrete energy hormones to replenish the reserves of the cells. A very striking example of such an active work found in sports. Eventually the adrenal gland becomes exhausted, and to restore its available methods practically impossible. So athletes can't life follow a standard load. And go to the coaches after 35 years, someone earlier, someone later. Correlating risks, after make a decision to zacateca or not. When hardened? Have a gradual adaptation to the tempering. The best time for this morning. Pouring cold water in the morning will help you not only Wake up, but to gain courage for the day. Lunch hours are not suitable, because often there is no time, work or business will not allow. The evening is also not necessary to strain, so, tired from a day the body. That on the contrary there is to soak in a warm bath and relax before bed. Sleep is also very important. Pouring cold water for weight loss should be applied if there is no health problems. As an additional stimulation of the body, the piercing helps to speed up metabolism. Also, there is a saturation of the internal organs with blood, but there also need to be careful. Women suffering from vascular disease, particularly varicose veins is generally contraindicated for such a procedure. Due to the expansion of capillaries may increase platelet blood clot. So before hardening only this treatment by better. Before the beginning of the constant hardening treatments, is to listen to their feelings. No need to force yourself through force, and to convince my inner voice that everything is done good. In this case it is better to look at other methods of maintaining health, more enjoyable for you.


Early in kindergarten children is also tempered. Of course in a more gentle manner, but affusion was also part of the program to strengthen children's immunity. Cold pouring water should not be painful. It is better to introduce such a procedure as a game, it will help the baby to get used to, but after you can go directly pouring, at first partial and then full. There is no need to pour with the head, this can go when the body is accustomed to regular training. To engage with the child hardening is better than starting one and a half years. Up to this point it is better to take more air baths. This will help the child to get used to the cold and allow at the same time to harden the body in the first years of life, a more gentle method. You can't force a child to do the hardening, if you yourself do not like such activity. Children are always watching and repeat for parents, so if you are going to be cold, the child becomes interested and he asks you to throw him. Just remember to be careful. Do not dramatically pour him a bucket of cold water, it will end the hysteria. And so you never will persuade more baby again to start the procedure. will hardening you the benefit or harm depends on how well you get to the issue. To observe those who is tempered of course interesting. And they are constantly praising this method of maintaining your body in good shape. Plus the douche a lot, but do not forget about the disadvantages. Otherwise, you can not only improve their health, but also seriously undermine developed the disease. What is perfect to one person, not the fact that will help someone else. Every human body is different, and its condition depends on many factors: habitat: — where ROS man; — where he lives now, the city's ecology is significantly different from the village; maintenance of a certain lifestyle, someone has a lot of bad habits: — Smoking; — alcohol; — unhealthy diet. And someone on the contrary such habits do not have, and watching their health; Therefore, thinking to start to harden or not, weigh the pros and cons. Let your health only strengthened.