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The benefits and harms of massager

Applicator massager the surface of which there are plenty of needles to help make a therapeutic effect on certain areas of the body. Thanks to the useful quality of this device normalizes blood circulation, stabiliziruemost metabolic process, a person feels rested and mentally satisfied. Well established with the medical side applicator Lyapko, the benefits and harms of this device has spread around the world. In these years the applicator has been successfully used to treat degenerative disc disease and also to eliminate the skin of cellulite. But the fixture may be used in the other therapeutic and preventive purposes. The story of applicator Lyapko for several years actively used applicator Lyapko. In the early 80s Ukrainian doctor Mykola Lyapko seriously thinking about the diseases that result in immobilization of a person. Diseases of the spine had a terrible tendency to develop, and all because of the fact that in the treatment of relevant diseases were not used full range of medicinal preparations and physiotherapeutic means. Nicholas Lyapko was a supporter of unconventional treatments, he practiced reflexology, and special preference was given acupuncture as method of treatment of a number of serious diseases. Later it was developed a system where in the body of the sick person "woke up" internal "doctor" and started independent and natural deliverance of the body from pathological conditions. The medical system acted on the basis of activity of three principles: proper digestion is the need to eat only healthy food; proper breathing — breathing correctly so that the body gets necessary energy charge; physical activity — constant function of the musculoskeletal system — the main component of a healthy body. If only on the person depends on the correct nutrition and the ability to properly breathe, to eliminate the disadvantage of the third aspect (namely, the active movement of the musculoskeletal system) and created a special therapeutic massager. To date, the applicator Lyapko, the benefits and harms of which are already identified and proven to be used as reliable therapeutic and preventive tool against a number of serious diseases. The principle of the Known applicator



Massager massager is presented in the form of a specific size rug or cushion, the surface of which is many sharp needles. In contact with the body, there is an irritation of the human body, which is the therapeutic effect. Needles of the applicator can be made of various types of metal, which are useful for the organism, zinc, Nickel, iron, silver, copper, gold. The location of the needles on the Mat or the cushion is satisfied with the safety measures, therefore, cause harm to the human body when using the applicator impossible. To control the pressure force on the body, the needles on its surface have a special Eminence, thus preventing injuries and scratches. The action is based is massaging the process of acupuncture. Each needle has a irritating effect, thereby stimulating biologically-important processes in the human body. When applying the massager to the body and pressure on it is released the energy of energy which improves General well-being and accelerates the healing process. The use of the Lyapko applicator, the normalization of many internal processes, in particular, normalizes blood circulation, increases the protective ability of the body, stabiliziruemost the work of all internal systems, improves the General condition of the body. Simultaneous multiple injections to create the effect of anesthesia due to separation in the body of the whole flow of the hormones "happiness" — endorphins. Before you start an independent application of Lyapko applicator, you should consult with your doctor. It is important to remember that has an applicator Lyapko contraindications, which can cause in the human body the appearance of unpleasant consequences and complications. Most often massager is used to eliminate disease processes in the joints, but it can also be used to treat various parts of the body. Applicator Lyapko applied to the region of the back, neck, lower or upper extremities. Today doctors advise to use the massager not only medicinally but also as a preventive. It is proved that the course application of the massager provides an effective therapeutic process, in addition, it can be used at the time of recovery after serious illness or traumatic event.