Benefit and harm of beauty

The benefits and harms of Birch tar

The use of birch tar is known since the most ancient times. In the old days is a natural substance used for the treatment of various diseases of internal organs. Later it turned out that birch tar is wonderful cosmetic remedy. In these days natural product is widely in demand as a folk drug for the treatment of diseases and as a unique tool for the care of skin and hair. When the drug or cosmetic agent used birch tar, the benefits and harms of this substance depends on the implementation of the production technology of the product. The main basis for the preparation of nutrients is birch bark. Technology of production of birch tar consists of the heating of birch bark and its subsequent distillation. Thanks to such method of production the resulting product is unique, it is much superior to the chemical composition of birch bark. Experts point out that in finished birch tar contains over 10,000 useful substances to humans. Thanks to these valuable qualities, the use of birch tar is quite diverse. A natural product used not only in alternative medicine, it is very popular and pharmacological industries. For example, based ointments such as trypsin or Konkova, it included birch tar. Natural component include a series of medicines for the care of skin and also hair.

Useful properties Since the ancient times the birch tar was used as a folk of the drug against fungal and inflammatory skin diseases. In addition, natural product used for the treatment of internal organs, because it has such wonderful properties: antibacterial; antiinflammatory; antipruritic; absorbable; regenerating; disinfectant; antiseptic; analgesic; disinfecting. The main purpose of the product in these days is the treatment of skin diseases: ringworm; psoriasis; itchy skin; diathesis; eczema; seborrhea; pyoderma; skin diseases of different nature.



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The benefits and harms of Kvartsevanie home

The principle of quartz treatment In hospital and health environment application karavannoj lamp due. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays emitted efficiently killed harmful microorganisms that are present in the room. If kvartsevanie to use at home, this procedure helps to decontaminate the premises and make all those in it items almost sterile. That is, everything that falls under the influence of ultraviolet rays emanating from the lamp quartz treatment, fully disinfected and destroyed from the presence of harmful factors and pathogens. In order to carry out kvartsevanie home, you can use one of several types kvartalnyj lamps. Currently, a sufficient number kvartalnyj lamps for houses which have small and compact size, and high efficiency. One example kvartalnyj home lamp is a versatile lamp. It is very simple in its use but offers maximum efficiency. But, as noted by stats, kvartalnyj lamps in residential, do not rush to actively use. The fact is that there is a perception, as if kvartsevanie at home can cause enormous harm to the human body and have a negative impact on the microclimate in a residential area. Whether it is opinion or it is completely pointless to learn it will be possible only after will be fully understood the benefits and harms karavannoj lamp house.

The use of quartz treatment the Main purpose of karavannoj lamp is the disinfection of the premises from harmful factors and disease microorganisms. Lamp action have a positive anti-bacterial effect. When there is kvartsevanie at home, the use of the character can be brought? Kwarcevania lamp is an excellent preventative method, acting against the attack of flu viruses and colds. If in the living room there is respiratory disease infected people, regular kvartsevanie will help to prevent the disease in other family members. Actively used kvartsevanie at home in such diseases of man as a lingering runny nose, adenoids, chronic bronchitis. Driven by the positive effect of the method the fact that under the regular procedures of the quartz treatment, a complete destruction of pathogens and harmful bacteria that are the causative agents and activators of these diseases.



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The benefits and harms of tar soap

About the benefits and uniqueness of the birch tar was known to the ancient Slavs. They independently received a natural product from birch bark, and then applied in the desired therapeutic and preventive purposes. With each subsequent year the beneficial properties gradually were studied, and in these years there are a huge number of drug and cosmetic preparations on the basis of this herbal product. The main product, based on the use of natural tar, coal-tar soap is, the benefits and harms which extensively studied and proven. The main qualities of this product are its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, healing, antimicrobial and cleansing action.

The use of tar soap Useful cosmetic product has a cheap price, which in no way affects its quality and usefulness. Coal-tar soap is effectively applied for fast treatment of skin diseases, hair problems, diseases such as psoriasis or eczema. Use tar soap for getting rid of head lice; removing diseases of the scalp (allergic psoriasis, seborrhea, etc.); treatment of defects on the face and body (acne, pimples, boils); prevention and harmless treatment of fungal and skin diseases — psoriasis, eczema, different dermatitis; eliminate fungal infections on the feet lower extremities; recovery and quality of prevention of gynecological diseases; a preventive framework against active viruses, bacteria and harmful factors. Coal-tar soap is an alternative to Oxolinic ointment, as a treatment for nasal mucosa the activity of the epidemic SARS and influenza.



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The benefits and harms of Coenzyme Q10

Brief writing of coenzyme Q10 CoQ10. Also called ubiquinone. In Greek the name means "universal", "omnipresent". It's vitamins, it is present in every cell of the body, somewhere more, somewhere less. It is directly involved in energy production, controls oxygen utilization, and inhibits aging. Under his influence strengthens the action of many enzymes. It's a great antioxidant and immunomodulator. In short, it is needed by the body. And at a young age in humans, it exists in sufficient quantity. But with age the amount of CoQ10 diminishes. And because of his deficiency can be periodontal disease, muscular dystrophy, hormonal and endocrine diseases. So it needs to be addressed. And it can be filled either with food or directly applying products containing it. Most CoQ10 muscles, because they are most involved in energy metabolism. First of all it concerns the heart and the entire cardiovascular system. Still its a lot of the liver and kidneys — these organs carry a huge load for purification of the body.

Contraindications for the Use of man will be evident from coenzyme q10. The harm may be only in some cases, but complications can come in the form of a short gastrointestinal disorders. Before you take drugs with him, it is necessary to consult a doctor, especially in cardiology, Oncology, kidney diseases. The doctor can adjust the necessary for you personally the quantity of the drug.



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