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The benefits and harms of beans

History beans as a product, is used in the food, it takes us into the ancient world, when people first learned about the culture of legumes. Today a feast in Mexico and Brazil, is inconceivable without the dishes, made from beans. In England, for breakfast usually eat fried sausages, beans in tomato sauce and crispy toast. Lobio - Georgian national dish - it is simply impossible without this product, and in the summer it is made from green beans and winter - from grains. The benefits and taste of the beans are known all over the world. In Russia, she came in the XVII century and immediately found its use in Russian cuisine. Useful properties: Beans - a high-protein crops, and the presence of a large number of amino acids leads to the fact that the proteins that are similar to proteins in beans, contained in meat, and easily absorbed by the body.


It is for this reason that beans are very useful for vegetarians and fasting; - Thanks to the representative of legumes calcium, potassium, iodine, phosphorus, iron, sodium and magnesium beans useful for people suffering from diseases of the bronchi, intestinal diseases or rheumatism; - The useful properties of beans also apply to the genitourinary system, this vegetable has a strong diuretic effect, thereby preventing swelling. Hazardous properties: - concerning possible harm beans, you need to know that it can manifest itself only in the case of insufficient thermal processing of this product. Thus, one can not eat raw beans due to its content of toxic substances. Heat treatment of the beans should be less than one and a half hours with a sufficient amount of water; - Can cause flatulence. To avoid this, it is recommended before cooking the beans soaked for several hours in cold water. Thus, the benefits and harms of the beans are separated by a very thin, barely visible beyond - culinary art. Green beans: the benefits and harms Beneficial properties: - beans contain huge amounts of vitamins, nutritionists have even included it in ten the most useful products. There is folic acid, carotene, vitamins B, C and E. It contains large quantities of potassium, calcium, zinc, iron and many other minerals, as well as significant fiber content, proteins and sugars. - Due to high content of fiber beans improves the functioning of the digestive system. Use it invaluable for people with diabetes. The presence of a unique amino acid - arginine, which is similar in meaning to insulin, reduces blood sugar level.