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The benefits and harms of white beans

General benefit

white beansDue to its unique composition, regular use of white beans in any form will help maintain health for many years. Macro, trace elements and vitamins that enter the human body through this food product help:
• remove the unpleasant symptoms of atherosclerosis;
• prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases;
• cope with manifestations of hypertension;
• improve the functioning of the central nervous system;
• facilitate the rehabilitation period after serious surgical interventions;
• prevent the development of diseases in the organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
• improve metabolic processes in the human body;
• get rid of edema;
• reduce blood sugar;
• improve pancreatic function;
• cleanse the liver and kidneys of toxins and toxins accumulated over many years;
• relieve the unpleasant symptoms of gastritis;
• improve the functioning of the human immune system;
• maintain dental health for many years;
• strengthen bone tissue;
• prevent the development of anemia;
• cope with serious joint diseases.


For women

White beans should be part of every woman’s daily diet. Regular consumption of this product will help:
• maintain youth and beauty of the skin;
• improve the condition and appearance of weakened hair;
• strengthen nails;
• maintain healthy teeth;
• cope with depressive, hysterical conditions, nervousness and manifestations of premenstrual syndrome;
• prevent the development of vitamin deficiency;
• reduce the risk of malignant neoplasms.
At the same time, white beans can have a positive effect on the female body both from the inside and outside (as part of home cosmetics). This fact is especially important for those women who seek to preserve beauty with the help of natural cosmetics.

For men

According to many experts, it is impossible to refuse the use of white beans and men. Systematic consumption of this product will help:
• improve the work of all internal organs and systems;
• reduce the risk of developing diseases of the genitourinary system;
• charge the body with energy;
• prevent the development of vitamin deficiency;
• reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular disease;
• improve potency;
• build muscle.
It should be understood that the amount of white beans consumed should not exceed permissible norms. Excessive consumption of this product can lead to unpleasant consequences, including flatulence and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

During pregnancy

In the diet of a pregnant woman, no other product can replace white beans. Eating dishes whose components are the fruits of this plant will help the expectant mother get rid of such problems:
• toxicosis;
• disturbances in the functioning of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
• frequent constipation;
• low hemoglobin level;
• nervousness, depression and other nervous disorders;
• impaired renal function;
• swelling.
Doctors draw the attention of pregnant women to the fact that you can only use properly cooked beans. Otherwise, there is a risk of serious poisoning, which is extremely undesirable in this period of a woman's life.

When breastfeeding

But during the period of breastfeeding, it is better to completely abandon the consumption of white beans. According to children's doctors, even a small amount of this product can lead to severe flatulence in a newborn baby, colic, restless behavior and severe pain.
This product can be introduced into the diet of a nursing mother only after the permission of the pediatrician. Moreover, the amount of this product should be strictly limited.

For children

white beans2Enter white beans in the daily diet of the child is possible only after he reaches ten months of age. In this case, before introducing the product into the children's menu, it is necessary to consult with the local pediatrician who will help identify contraindications for the use of this product, establish the correct rate of its consumption and tell the young mother about the acceptable methods of preparation.
The use of white beans in childhood will help strengthen the baby's body and have a beneficial effect on its development. The rich composition of this product is capable of:
• protect the child’s nervous system from various stimuli;
• improve the digestive system of the baby;
• prevent the development of serious pathologies of the respiratory system and alleviate the condition of the child in the first stages of the disease;
• normalize the metabolism of carbohydrates in the child's body;
• prevent the development of anemia;
• strengthen bone tissue;
• maintain the health of children's teeth.
Pediatricians draw the attention of parents to the fact that the uncontrolled use of white beans can lead to bloating, colic or a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.
When losing weight
The calorie content of boiled white beans is 122 calories per 100 g of the finished product. This allows you to include it in a diet whose goal is to reduce weight. At the same time, even a small amount of boiled beans will help to get rid of hunger for a long time, without worsening the general condition of losing weight.
The use of this product during a diet will positively affect human health. Its regular use will result in:
• to normalize metabolic processes;
• saturation of the body with vitamins, macro- and microelements;
• reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease;
• getting rid of edema.
In addition, the use of white beans during the diet will help prevent weight loss and will not cause diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which is a common consequence of the diet.

The benefits and harms of canned white beans

On the shelves of modern stores you can find not only raw, but also canned white beans. Canned beans retain all their beneficial properties and are a product recommended for use in the development of such diseases:
• diabetes mellitus of any type;
• atherosclerosis;
• diseases of the bronchi and lungs;
• heart rhythm disturbance.
In addition, regular consumption of this product will be an ideal component of the diet, the purpose of which is to recover from serious operations. Beans will help to cope with disorders in the central nervous system and improve metabolism.
When you include canned beans in your daily diet, you should pay attention to the fact that its calorie content is much higher. 100 g of canned product contains about 99 kcal. Nutritionists advise taking this fact into account when deciding to add canned beans to the diet menu.
However, despite the many beneficial properties and rich composition, canned beans can harm the body. Excessive consumption of this product will lead to the appearance of such manifestations:
• flatulence;
• bloating;
• pain localized in the abdominal cavity;
• nausea;
• a feeling of heaviness.
Canned beans can also have a negative effect on the human body if the finished product contains a large number of dyes and preservatives. Therefore, you should pay attention to this fact when buying and choose the most natural product.

Harm and contraindications

Despite the many useful properties, white beans can harm human health, but only if you use it in unlimited quantities or neglect contraindications.

Doctors do not recommend using this product to patients who suffer from such diseases:
1. Gastritis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which are accompanied by an increase in acidity.
2. Ulcerous formations in the intestine.
3. Colitis and cholecystitis.
In addition, experts recommend limiting the consumption of beans during breastfeeding and in case of personal intolerance to the product.
Remember that you can not ignore contraindications to the consumption of this product! Otherwise, there is a risk of developing serious diseases and worsening overall well-being.