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The benefits and harms of green beans

Green beansA light and tasty snack made from green beans has become very popular among supporters of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Young beans is a storehouse of nutrients and has almost no contraindications, which is why it is even included in the children's and dietary diet. What valuable properties this product has and how to use it, we will tell in more detail.

Useful properties of green beans

Green beans are useful for general healing and body cleansing. Its constant use in food will allow you to feel lightness, less distracted by a feeling of hunger, to replenish the reserves of minerals in the body.

It has an anti-inflammatory effect, helps relieve symptoms of diarrhea, intestinal upset and poisoning.
Contributes to the fight against colds and increases the body's resistance.
Strengthens the health of organs, stimulates the rejuvenation of tissues, removes toxins from the body, supporting the work of the kidneys.
Strengthens nerves, helps restore the body after stress, hard work, emotional upheaval.
Supports heart function and vascular system.
Accelerates metabolism and helps burn excess deposits.
Increases skin and muscle elasticity, accelerates regeneration processes.
Supports a healthy blood composition.
The components of asparagus beans are natural for the body, so they are easily digested. However, overeating this product may slow the absorption of certain nutrients.

Note! Thanks to fiber, green beans establish healthy digestion, so it is useful in the diet at any age.


For women

Women strive for harmony, so they are more often interested in diets for weight loss. Green beans are an excellent way to lose a few pounds, while remaining energetic and vigorous. Women living in an active rhythm will appreciate the ability of asparagus pods to saturate the body, suppressing hunger and allowing them to go about their business, forgetting about stress seizing.

Also for women, the property of beans to balance the emotional state and maintain hormonal balance is relevant. With regular use of legumes, girls experience less mood swings during menstruation and menopause, as well as during pregnancy.

For men

Men need zinc, which is rich in green beans, to prevent impotence and maintain prostate health. Regular inclusion of the product in the diet strengthens the heart and blood vessels, which is also very important for men who are more likely to suffer from cardiac diseases. Beans will help maintain a healthy metabolism and feel more strength during training.

At what age can be given string beans to children
It is green green beans, which practically does not cause allergies and indigestion, that can be given to babies in the form of mashed potatoes already from 8–10 months of age. The main thing is to boil the pods well and grind them into gruel. 1 teaspoon of bean puree in combination with other vegetables will be enough for the child. You can give beans 2 times a week.

Be sure to monitor the reaction of the child's body. If you get allergies, postpone acquaintance with the vegetable.

String Beans in Medicine

Official medicine suggests introducing green beans into the diet for healing and warns against which diseases should not be consumed. So, they recommend eating beans with cardiovascular diseases, as well as with inflammatory processes.

With diabetes

Young fiber beans help burn excess body fat and also reduce blood sugar by up to 40%, which is why it is recommended for patients with diabetes as a good base product. It not only helps to relieve the main symptoms of the disease, but also improves the condition of the skin, increasing its elasticity, supports normal vision and blood pressure.

Important: the glycemic index of green beans is 30 units.

With pancreatitis

With inflammation of the pancreas and other digestive organs, beans are not recommended. However, there is a useful recipe for beans infusion: 50 grams of dry raw material is poured into 0.5 liters of boiling water and insisted for 10-12 hours in a thermos. The dose is calculated individually, for this it is necessary to consult a doctor.

With gastritis

Those who suffer from acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are not recommended to get involved in dishes with green beans. In small quantities, the product does not harm, but can irritate sensitive mucous membranes, so before introducing it into the diet, you need to discuss nutrition with a doctor.

String Beans for Weight Loss: Benefits and Applications

Green beans2Due to the fact that beans in pods are rich in valuable vegetable proteins and fiber, the product is actively used in dietary nutrition. It helps cleanse the intestines and restores a healthy metabolism. In addition, it helps to quickly saturate with meals and feel cheerful all day.

Legumes are easily digested and allow you to get rid of the feeling of heaviness or heartburn that many people have when eating meat products. Beans are highly recommended on wellness diets:

Diabetics and obese people to normalize blood composition and metabolism, as well as a nutritious substitute for high-calorie foods.
People with heart attacks and diseases of the cardiovascular system to replace cholesterol food and reduce the burden on the body.
In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract to normalize peristalsis and maintain normal acidity.
Vegetarians who voluntarily refuse meat, egg, dairy products.
Children for the growth and development of the body.
When losing weight, especially on low-carb diets to maintain energy.
In sports nutrition, for drying and gaining healthy muscle mass, many trainers recommend using this product.
Eating green beans helps to cleanse the body, has an antioxidant effect, and therefore a rejuvenating effect. Beans are actively used in diets to unload the body, during the transition to a healthy lifestyle and for weight loss.

Typically, this product is replaced with fatty meat and some egg components, since beans, like them, contain a full range of vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy body, while beans have much less calories.

Thanks to the beans, appetite is normalized, traces of body fatigue disappear, skin condition, general well-being and mood improve, and the nervous system is strengthened. That is why green beans are indispensable after the winter depression of the body.

Eating vegetable protein foods is recommended in the morning, during the first meal or at lunch, otherwise healthy proteins will be less absorbed. Breakfast with beans allows you to stay full for a long time and increase productivity during the working day, and increase endurance during training.