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The benefits and harms of black beans

Black BeansToday, there are about 90 varieties of beans. One of these species is black bean, which is considered a unique and not widely spread plant. In terms of nutritional and healing properties, this product is in many ways different from the usual varieties.

So, this plant is characterized by black pods and fruits. Outwardly, they look dirty or spoiled. On the palate, such beans are a bit sweet, a feature is a slightly smoked flavor. Black bean is widely used in cooking and is an excellent addition to meat, vegetable, fish dishes, soups.

How is black bean different from ordinary

Black beans, unlike white beans, have a softer texture and a sweetish aftertaste. It is a source of protein. So, in white beans there are about 7 g of protein per 100 g of product, and in black - almost 9 g for the same number of fruits.

According to nutritionists, black bean is most similar to animal food in its composition, so it is an excellent substitute for people who, for certain reasons, do not eat meat products. 

Also, in black beans there are more carbohydrates than in the white variety. And this means that such a product saturates the body better. Such complex carbohydrates are more slowly decomposed, enter the bloodstream gradually, which does not lead to insulin secretion, as with the use of confectionery products.

This suggests that even with the daily use of black beans in the diet, weight gain is not observed. This variety is enriched with coarse plant fibers, which contribute to the normal functioning of the intestine.

Black beans contain components that stop the development of atherosclerosis, which is the main cause of strokes and heart attacks. So, only 200 g of the black variety of beans can provide the body with a daily norm of potassium, manganese, iron, magnesium and zinc.

White beans are characterized by a large amount of fiber. This product is the least caloric and is quickly absorbed by the body. One glass of such beans is enough to provide a person with fiber requirements.

Useful properties of black beans

Black Beans 2Black beans contain a lot of protein. So, a cup of this product has 35% of the protein needed for use during the day. Due to its calcium content, the product supports the health of hair, nails, bones, and muscle fibers. Due to the presence of amino acids, the product is recommended for older people, women who bear a baby, and athletes.

Black beans have been widely used in the field of nutrition. This culture is great for people who want to lose weight. It enhances metabolic processes, has a relatively low glycemic index. Therefore, it can be used by people suffering from obesity or a disease such as diabetes. The composition of this plant controls the balance of carbohydrates, due to this, saccharides are converted into energy, and not into fat, which is deposited on the waist and hips.

In addition, black bean perfectly helps in the fight against edema, helping to remove excess fluid from the body. Iron helps with heart dysfunctions, cleanses blood vessels, and reduces the risk of blood clots.

As already mentioned, black beans are very useful for women's health, primarily because it helps to lose weight.

The vitamins of group B as part of this product are of great benefit to the female body, they are a source of youth and beauty. In combination with certain vitamins and minerals, this product is able to improve skin tone, remove toxins, make skin and nails healthy, and normalize the functioning of the nervous system.

The benefits of eating black beans in men are also undeniable. Legumes of this variety contribute to improving the sexual function of men, increase potency, as well as sperm quality. This product is an important element for the prevention of prostatitis. In addition, black beans are considered an excellent product for gaining muscle mass.

Black bean proteins are very similar in composition to animal proteins, which is very important for children who do not eat meat and milk. This product is the most high-calorie of all varieties, so its inclusion in the children's diet will help the baby recover faster after diseases. Black beans contain a lot of folic acid, which is required for hematopoiesis.

You can start to enter beans in the baby’s menu starting from eight months. However, it is important to take into account the doctor’s recommendations and monitor the baby’s reaction. Young children do not have enough enzymes that can digest the oligosaccharides contained in beans, so when eating mature seeds of the crop, colic can appear. In older children, such discomfort can also be observed if they eat a large portion of the dish. Children should not be given such beans in the chronic course of gastritis with an increased level of acidity, an ulcer of the digestive organs, pancreatitis, as well as in the case of chronic cholecystitis.

When losing weight

Most women, wanting to get a perfect figure, resort to various diets. Using beans for weight loss will help to achieve the goal without tormenting the body with hunger.

This product has in its composition many useful substances. This culture will help not only to lose weight, but also bring great health benefits. The beans contain components that are very important for weight loss and recovery. First of all, we are talking about a large amount of lean protein. In addition, vitamins such as A, C, E, B groups, amino acids and organic acids are contained here. Beans also have a rich mineral composition. Its components reduce the level of glucose and cholesterol, which allows you to control weight.

One of the important advantages of this plant is insoluble fiber. In a glass of beans there is a daily norm of this ingredient. Fiber helps improve digestion, helps get rid of constipation, cleansing the intestines of toxins and toxic substances. In addition, black beans are characterized by a high content of folic acid, which makes up for the daily human need for this vitamin. This component is especially important when losing weight to protect the skin.

Harm and contraindications

Despite the large list of useful properties, black bean still has some contraindications and can harm the human body.

This legume should not be consumed by older people who have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
Also, black beans cannot be included in the menu of people who have gout, cholecystitis, and colitis.
Legumes are not recommended to be introduced into the children's diet before two years, otherwise their fragile body will not be able to cope with the complex enzymes contained in beans. The daily norm should be no more than 100 g.
Beans often cause gas formation and flatulence. Therefore, this type of product should not be abused. To protect the body from such unpleasant sensations, it is recommended to use black beans with greens and pre-soak it before cooking in a solution with the addition of salt.

Black beans are very healthy. It must be present in the diet of adults and children. However, it is important to first ensure that there are no contraindications for use. Abuse this product is also not worth it, otherwise there will be problems with the digestive tract.